Fall Exhibition Season Kicks Off in October

5 september 2023

The autumn exhibition season in Azerbaijan will be officially opened in October. From March to June of this year, our country hosted a total of 9 events, including congresses and exhibitions organized by the companies "Caspian Event Organisers" and "Iteca Caspian". In the autumn season, the number of these exhibitions will be 7.
Held with the official support of Azerbaijan's government agencies, the events will cover the months of October and November.
This year, we celebrate the 100th jubilee of Heydar Aliyev, the National Leader of Azerbaijani nation, the founder of the independent Azerbaijani state and an outstanding politician and statesman. This significant event will be reflected in programs of all the exhibitions on our schedule. The National Leader played an exceptional role in the formation of the exhibition industry in Azerbaijan. Since the very beginning in 1994, he championed and backed those events.

Exhibitions organized as part of Caspian Construction Week on October 19-21 are taking up ever more space, demonstrating a greater exposure year over year; while they occupied 2 halls of Baku Expo Center in 2022, the third hall is expected to be rented out as well this year. This year's events will also be new in that the exhibitions will occupy the open space of Baku Expo Center.

Led by Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev, our victorious army returned our historical lands, Karabakh, to the Azerbaijani nation. This is not just a cause of huge pride but also a big responsibility, as the lands we finally freed from the enemy must be restored, rehabilitated, and developed. The Azerbaijan International Restoration, Reconstruction and Development of Karabakh Exhibition - Rebuild Karabakh, the first and the only specialized exhibition dedicated to the reconstruction of the region, is taking place for the 3rd consecutive year. It is its primary objective to draw public attention to the positive changes that take place in Karabakh and involve companies and other entities in the restoration of the region. The event if going to see the participation of both Azerbaijani and foreign companies. Its ultimate objective is to boost investments in the region, ensure the participation of foreign companies, and have the regional infrastructure restored and civil facilities built from the ground up. Rebuild Karabakh is covering such fields as ecology, energy, information technology, agriculture, mining, transport, food industry, health, energy saving systems, smart home solutions, security, education, tourism and cultural heritage, as well as road construction and infrastructure. Another proof of this achievement is the welcome letter to the participants from President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, which is published in the official exhibition catalogue.
It is noteworthy that, each exhibition participant donates funds to the Karabakh Revival Fund to support the restoration and reconstruction of the territories liberated from occupation.
Rebuild Karabakh is coinciding with another landmark event, the 28th Azerbaijan International Construction Exhibition - Bakubuild.  For many years, this exhibition has been the gate through which innovative products and services in the construction industry entered to the national market, providing a fast opportunity to hold face-to-face meetings with the target audience and establish business on the spot. BakuBuild represents a platform that showcases the latest achievements in the construction field and provides an opportunity to present the latest technologies. At the exhibition, innovative building materials, energy saving systems, smart home solutions, and many other technologies that have a potential to significantly boost improve construction processes are presented to visitors. BakuBuild is an event that brings together companies, vendors, and construction professionals. Visitors can establish new business contacts, discuss potential partnerships, and expand their professional networks. BakuBuild exhibition includes interior, sports goods, lighting, insulation systems, landscape, construction materials and products, construction production and equipment, and other sections. The event is sponsored by OJSC NB Group.

The next event in the calendar is the 15th Anniversary International Exhibition for Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, Water Supply, Sanitary and Swimming Pool  - Aquatherm Baku®. It has already been 15 years that this significant event has established itself as the region's leading professional exhibition in the field of heating, ventilation, swimming pools, sauna, spa, and air conditioning equipment. Presented here are such sectors as air cleaners, air conditioners, radiators, ventilation systems, heating systems, thermal insulation materials, baths and jacuzzi, saunas, swimming pools, heaters, compressors, refrigerators, wastewater technologies, environmental protection technologies, filters, fittings, pipelines, pumps, chillers, solar energy, etc.

Another interesting event on the fall season agenda is the 11th Caspian International Road Infrastructure and Public Transport Exhibition - Road&Traffic. This specialized event in the field of road infrastructure in Azerbaijan is a meeting place for professionals from public transport, road safety, and information technology sectors.  Besides, it is a unique opportunity for contractors to exchange experience with road construction experts, as well as provide state-of-the-art design and construction solutions for roads, bridges and tunnels, study market demand and sales potential for ITS products, and meet public transport operators of the country. 

This year's Caspian Construction Week is going to welcome participants from Azerbaijan, Germany, Belarus, UAE, South Korea, The Czech Republic, China, France, UK, Netherlands, Finland, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Uzbekistan, Russian Federation, Slovenia, Türkiye, Iran, India, and other countries. Too, national and regional stands will be put up by Germany, Hungary, Uzbekistan, and the Russian Federation.

Besides, the Week's business program includes panel discussions under the action plan of the "Great Return" to the liberated territories of Azerbaijan, bilateral business meetings (B2B), a special mobile session in Aghdam (jointly organized by the Karabakh Revival Fund and Caspian Event Organisers) and other events.

Further in the season, between 2 and 4 November 2023 Baku Expo Center is hosting the 3rd Azerbaijan International Medical Innovations Exhibition - Medinex. This event is the only comprehensive exposition in the country that covers the fields of medicine and healthcare; it also serves as a prestigious and important medical platform that brings together manufacturers, distributors, and healthcare specialists. Leading domestic and foreign manufacturers and distributors will present new products and services to help improve clinics and increase the effectiveness of treatment nationwide. Presented here are such sectors as information technologies in medicine, medical equipment, medical products, medications, vitamins and biologically active supplements, orthopedic products, dental equipment and tools, dental services, optics and ophthalmology, laboratory equipment and technologies, equipment for medical institutions, medical tourism, products for seniors, dietetics, medical education, sanitary transport etc. The event is going to welcome quite a few participating countries, including Azerbaijan, Türkiye, Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Republic of Korea etc. Medinex 2023 enjoys active participation and support on the part of the Management Union of Medical Territorial Units of Azerbaijan (TƏBİB) and the State Agency on Mandatory Health Insurance.

The exhibition is coinciding with another landmark event, Beauty Azerbaijan exhibition. This exposition will present products and services in the following sectors: SPA & Wellness, cosmetology and aesthetic medicine, perfumery, personal hygiene, natural cosmetics, decorative cosmetics, professional cosmetics, salon equipment, tools and instruments for nail services, hair and body care. Both Medinex and Beauty Azerbaijan expect to hold business events with the participation of specialists from various fields of medicine. Indeed, B2B meetings with local and foreign entrepreneurs have already become an integral part of these exhibitions. Therefore, they will create an excellent opportunity to bring industry experts together on one platform, strengthen business relations, and expand sales geography.

The event is going to welcome quite a few participating countries, including Azerbaijan, Türkiye, Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, China, Republic of Korea etc.

Held to the delight of book fans on 15-19 November at Baku Expo Center, the last venture of the autumn season is the 9th Baku International Book Fair. This year the event is going to have ever more significance as it concides with the 100th anniversary of National Leader Heydar Aliyev. The Great Leader's spiritual heritage continues to contribute to the development of society through exhibitions of books and literature, which are the key to spiritual wealth. The fair, which is organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan, is an important event that sets the tone for the publishing business in the region. Bringing together various countries and companies, it aims to promote the culture of reading among the local community and create meetings between writers and readers and connect the former to publishers. The fair will see over 200 events in various formats plus meetings with famous writers, autograph sessions, book presentations, seminars, etc. It welcomes about 40,000 people each year and is an event of great interest to all age groups. Too, it plays an important role in communicating with consumers, increasing brand awareness, and exchanging experiences and ideas related to the development of the book business in our country in the era of digital technologies.

The events are organized by Caspian Event Organisers and Iteca Caspian in cooperation with their partners, Caspian Event Management and ICA Events. The partner list in 2023 includes “Hyatt Regency Baku” and “Ibis Baku City” hotels, AzExpoMontage (stand installation partner), Greenwich Travel Club, and Caspian Freight Services.

The capital of Azerbaijan is once again looking forward to the exhibition season, filled with business and investment events. Exhibitions are once again becoming an important platform for the discussion and development of business projects and cooperation in industry as whole, as well as a venue that causes great interest with professionals from Azerbaijan and other countries.
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